The Law Of Momentum: How To Become Unstoppable ~ Darius Foroux (

If there’s no external force on an object, there will be no movement whatsoever. But if you apply external force to that object, the movement of the object will change because of that force.

The key to everything in life that requires motion is this question: How much force do you need to get an object moving? 

How to Avoid Feeling Totally Isolated During Social Isolation ~ Anastasia Kalonji (

Social isolation can take a serious toll on your mental health. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and discomfort are all valid feelings during this pretty surreal period of imposed quarantine. But although COVID-19 temporarily stripped us of our will and freedom to brave the outdoors unnecessarily, we can definitely make sure that it doesn’t strip us of our peace of mind (or sanity) when we’re stuck at home. In fact, there are many methods you can use to feel a little less isolated and more joyful during social isolation. By establishing a routine, staying active, and finding ways to feel connected to the world, you’ll regain control over your new life, and progressively find pleasure in being alone…

In ‘Together,’ Former Surgeon General Writes About Importance Of Human Connection ~ Rachel Martin (

I heard many familiar stories about substance use and addiction, stories about depression and anxiety. But what I didn’t expect was that behind so many of their stories were threads of loneliness. And people wouldn’t say to me, “I’m lonely,” but they would say things like this: “I feel like I have to shoulder all of these burdens by myself”; “I feel if I disappear tomorrow, no one would even notice.” And I heard this time and time again. It was like a lightbulb went off. And I saw in the research that loneliness was far more common than I had thought, affecting 22% of adults in America. And it was deeply consequential.

It’s a subject he writes about in his new book, Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World...

Conversation: Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee: Deep Water ~ Richard Whittaker (

Most of us in the west take clean water for granted. And generally we’re equally asleep to the profound role water plays in our lives. In an interview with Sam Bower of [issue #18] I brought up the question of water. He mused, “If you think of what we are, I mean we’re made up of cells and each little cell contains a drop of seawater. In some ways, all the little creatures that emerged from the seas found each other, bound together and found a way of collaborating and sharing the recipe over and over with helpful modifications, and here we are today!

Free Miniseries!!! Conscious Manifestation 2020 with Eckhart Tolle

How to create in changing times

Have you ever thought that manifestation techniques just don’t work? Or, at best, that they work inconsistently? Maybe you’ve had times when you were able to create what you wanted, but other times when things didn’t fall into place?

Why does manifestation work in some instances, but not in others? This is a very common question many people ask.

Today, we are releasing an all-new miniseries where Eckhart discusses the answers to these questions and explains how we approach conscious manifestation during this time of disruption and accelerated change.

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