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7 Health Benefits of Water Backed by Scientific Research (

The hype around water is warranted. Here’s a handful of ways it does the body good.

You can’t live without water.

You know you need water to survive, and you feel better when you drink it regularly. But what’s really at play in the body when you sip H2O?

In short, a lot.

Believe it or not, your body weight is about 60 percent water, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Because your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, it’s important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water… ***THERE’S MORE***

5 Exercises to Help You Recover from a Full Day of Sitting Down

It’s sad to admit, but these days, sitting has become the new norm. Whether we’re at work in front of a computer, sitting in front of a professor in a classroom, or even sitting in a car driving from errand to errand, the crazy amount of time that we spend sitting down on a regular basis means that our bodies are spending a lot less time in motion. And unfortunately, when you’re spending all that time sitting down, your body is adapting – and not in a good way. The joints in your knees and hips flex to 90 degrees, your muscles start to relax a little too much, and you start to get a bit of stress in your pelvic area – specifically your abdomen and organs – which definitely isn’t good news for your body. For all you over-sitters out there – i.e. all of us, let’s be real – here are some easy and helpful exercises you can do that will help you counteract the negative effects of all that time spent slouching over in your seat…

8 Ways to Change Your Set Point Weight ~ Cassie Shortsleeve (

If you ever feel like your body hovers around a certain number on the scale — no matter how much you clean up your diet or ramp up your workouts — it’s not all in your head. When it comes to weight loss, this is referred to as the set point theory. “It suggests your body will fight to maintain a specific weight and body fat range tightly regulated by your genetics and that you have little control over it,” explains Ryan Maciel, RD, a certified strength and conditioning specialist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Set point weight could be a result of evolution: Wanting to hold onto excess fuel may have helped our ancestors stay protected from famine. But it could also come down to simple design mechanisms of the human body that aren’t easily amenable to change, notes Maciel. Your body works hard to maintain a stable internal environment, which means it’s constantly adjusting hormone levels, temperature, energy levels and more. So, just as your body starts sweating to cool you off (in the sauna or during a cold-weather run) it also might begin holding onto fuel when you cut calories and work out harder.

However, “while you may be born with upper and lower set point ranges for your weight, you have the power to shift where you ultimately land,” says Maciel. Here, eight ways to get started:…

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Building Muscle ~ Gabrielle Kassel (

If you haven’t been strength training, now’s the time to start lifting. Rocking muscle is more than just looking good in a tank top. It comes with a variety of health benefits, including reduced risk of injury, stronger bones, a faster metabolism and increased lean body mass (to name just a few)…

PSA: Breathing Like a Dog Will Boost Your Immunity (

We’ve heard plenty of advice about how to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape in the face of flu-prone, bitter cold months. (We’re talking everything from loading up on turmeric and oregano to going for a run.) But one trick that you may have yet to employ is changing up how you breathe. More specifically, changing your breathing to match that of your pup. That’s right – breathing like a dog might actually help boost your immunity this winter…

A Beginner Ab Workout Perfect for Cyclists New to Strength Training ~ Danielle Zickl (


6 Smart Tips for Staying Hydrated Throughout the Day ~ Jessica Migala (

Chances are that you aren’t drinking enough water. Use these strategies to increase your hydration and support your health.

Five Protein-Rich Post-Workout Meals ~ Jenna Braddock (

You’ve put in the time and effort to complete a hard workout and now it’s time to refuel; but with what? Choosing the right meal or snack after a workout is a common concern — there are so many options! How do you know what to pick and how much to eat?

15 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home — Gym Not Required (

WOD, AMRAP, and SYLB — these are just a few examples of the workout lingo you’ll hear tossed around a CrossFit gym. But if you can’t get to a gym (or you just really don’t want to), you can still do a variety of CrossFit workouts at home.

At a glance, CrossFit seems to involve a lot of weights, a lot of reps, and a lot of yelling, but we promise that it can totally be done at home (with or without the yelling — your choice!). With the help of CrossFit trainers Mike McNichol and Deidre Bloomquist, we’ve compiled a list of exercises you can do any time, any place.

Youtube Workouts for Every Activity and Fitness Level (

Miss your go-to barre studio or lifting weights at the gym? Bring some structure into your living-room workouts with these videos that are Outside tested and approved.

How Much Oatmeal You Need to Lower Your Cholesterol (

Oatmeal is a good breakfast, whether you make it simple or dress it up with lots of fruit and nut toppings. And here’s the other beautiful thing about oatmeal: If you eat one-and-a-half cups of it each day, you can lower your cholesterol by 5 to 8 percent…

WOD: Pistol Squat Fundamentals With James Newbury (

Build strong legs and work toward a perfect pistol squat with this workout of the day from James Newbury, Australia’s 4x Fittest Man and the world’s 5th fittest CrossFitter.

18 Minute EMOM with Jennifer Rochon

Every Minute. On the Minute. EMOMs are fast-paced workouts that keep your heartrate up, with just enough time to catch your breath before the next minute (and move) begins.

Bodyweight Circuit with Alex Crockford

Healthy at Home

Try this circuit workout from Under Armour trainer Alex Crockford to elevate your home workouts.

How to Get (or Stay) Fit at Home Without Overspending Your Budget (

The gyms might be closed, but the workout goes on with cool gear, useful services, and great subscriptions.

20 Minute Circuit with Kevin Yeboah

Try this 20 minute at-home HIIT circuit with Under Armour trainer Kevin Yeboah.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of a Daily Walk ~ Marc Lindsay (

We all know walking for fitness can be a great activity for beginners looking to start a daily exercise routine and shed pounds off your waist line. What you may not know is that a 30-minute walk can provide plenty of other benefits for your overall health that reach far beyond weight loss.

Whether you’re new to walking or an experienced runner, these seven surprising health benefits are proven to make a daily walk worth your while:

Nightly Sleep Habits May Affect Risk of Heart Disease in Older Adults ~ Meryl Davids Landau (

A new study has found that irregular sleep patterns are associated with more heart attacks and strokes.

How to use resistance bands to tone your entire body without ever going to the gym ~ Madeline Kennedy (

If you are unable to go to the gym, resistance bands are a relatively inexpensive option to build strength and stability and improve heart health while working out at home.

The 10 Best Stretches for Total Body Flexibility (

26 Essential Exercises From A to Z ~ Paul L. Underwood (

What Should Stretching Look Like in 2020? (

A deep-dive into the statics vs. dynamic debate

Can Walking in Place Help You Lose Weight? ~ Marc Lindsay (

Walking is an easy way to add more movement to your life and help you shed pounds. In general, walking at a brisk pace burns around 260 calories (for someone who weighs 150 pounds or 68 kilograms).

However, some days can be harder than others to get outdoors or hit the treadmill for an hour-long workout. Just because you have a hard time setting aside an hour for a walk, doesn’t mean you can’t still get in a workout indoors. When you’re strapped for time and space, get a little creative and consider walking in place.

Here, a look at how walking in place could be a viable alternative:


While self-isolating or social distancing amid the coronavirus, it’s important to keep healthy by exercising, if you feel well enough to do so. However, as it is now not advisable to go to gyms and to participate in team sports, people should begin exercising at home instead.

START PEDALING TO A SLIMMER, THINNER YOU (I personally use this/Slim Cycle)

With Covid-19 ruling our roosts right now, we have to do whatever we can to stay fit and keep our minds healthy as well. This is what I grabbed when it was evident we were going into somewhat of a lock-down.

Lean PD (one of my fave apps/

Lean PD is the most effective way to develop yourself! Lean=efficient or elimination of waste. PD=personal development. So, Lean PD is the efficient way to personally develop yourself to reach your maximum potential. The whole concept is based on the idea of developing daily habits that support your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). You will enjoy how simple and easy it is to transform your life by performing daily habits that support your goals.

Lean PD

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (I personally use this/

  • Gear Sport is swim ready and water resistant up to 50 meters , MIL STD 810G Certified
  • Get accurate, all day fitness tracking, easy calorie entry and personal coaching
  • With Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, easily make a payment from your wrist.Main Display Resolution:360 x 360
  • Check your updates and receive and reply to calls and texts with a turn of the bezel
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Connectivity: Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, bluetooth: bluetooth v4.2
  • Processor Speed type is 1GHz Dual Core

MyFitnessPal (

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Lost 40 pounds with this app in my arsenal. Have maintained that loss ever since.