Practicing buddhist, avid reader, gym addict, political activist and all around sports nut.

So, about me…

I have been given many names over my 55 years. Kevin Ernest Burgess at birth. Watapsit Paqtism (Yellow-wolf) by way of ancestry (Miq Maq, Cree and adopted Abenaki) and most recently (several years ago now) Karma Sherab, That was given to me when I took my Refuge Vows and truly dove into Buddhism. A practice that finally made sense and gave my life the meaning I felt I’d been searching for all along.

While I haven’t taken Bodhisattva vows as of yet I do chant them daily and aspire to be the best “BodhiSoldier” I can be. Bodhi translated means awakened or awakening. Sattva translated means warrior or as it is here soldier. Hence coining the word bodhisoldier. A word that now resonates and has struck that proverbial chord I’ve been searching for. One that I found defines without necessarily labeling or pigeon-holing if you will.

With that said, BodhiSoldier.com is born. I for one can what to see where this takes US. It’s going to be a pleasant and peaceful journey. Thank you for walking beside me on it. Namaste’ and Om Shanti _/|\_

What I enjoy…


Working out/Body Building

Reading (a lot)

Most Sports


What I’ve done and do…

Bar manager (for several establishments)
(19?? – 2015)
Glad to have left this behind.

Painter/Fabricator Applied Materials
(2015 – Present)
Learned a new trade at 50 years of age and very grateful for the experience and opportunity it affords me.

Book Club Leader Applied Materials
(2014 – Present)
Getting paid to read and share the knowledge. Does it get any better than that?