Opening to Transformation: Resources for the Journey (

This is not a time of mere change. This is a time of transformation, and transformation comes not out of scarcity
but out of the context of possibility, responsibility, and sufficiency.
 ~ Lynne Twist

One year ago, as 2020 was dawning, we joined with many around the globe in imagining a year of possibility and transformation. It was the start of a new decade and the number 2020 couldn’t help but evoke a hope for new, clear ways of seeing. Looking back, it’s hard to grasp how limited our understanding was of the year that lay ahead. Most of us simply couldn’t have imagined the global pandemic that would sweep the world, making our connection to one another more poignant and powerful than ever. As we seek meaningful approaches to living through this challenging time, we can open ourselves — to the poignancy of life and our connection to each other, to the extraordinary nature of the universe and this time in particular, and to the transformative potential of love. And so here, a year later, how will we step across this threshold into the New Year when so much is still unknown? Who do we want to be — as individuals and as a collective, for ourselves and for our world? And what role does gratefulness play as we step into the New Year with all our very human hopes and longings?

May this collection of resources help to support you in welcoming the New Year with curiosity, humility, wholehearted courage, and a deepening appreciation of the transformative potential of these times… ***THERE’S MORE***

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