The Fitness and Nutrition Trends Changing Everything in 2021 (

So, you thought you’d make your annual return to the gym, right? Wrong! In case you hadn’t noticed, the last 9 months have completely transformed the fitness landscape, along with the rest of life as we knew it.

With our newfound fear of breathing indoors in public, it’s no surprise that things have become rocky for gym-goers and group fitness fanatics. And without gyms, those who live in small spaces have had to get creative in getting their fitness on.

A lot is still up in the air. If urbanites continue to flee to suburbia and more jobs go remote, then the decline of boutique and big-box fitness memberships could continue. But even with the health club industry reporting billions in losses, die-hard gym-goers insist there’s nothing like the in-person experience.

One thing’s for sure: Americans want to be healthier. And for once, time may not be the biggest hurdle… ***THERE’S MORE***