Beyond overwhelm into refuge (

A care package for finding sanctuary in turbulent times

Less than two months ago, when so many of us were feeling alarm around the bushfires and wider climate emergency, we shared a resource for turning that alarm into much-needed action. Now we are in the midst of another emergency that is forcing us into varying states of economic distress, isolation and anxiety. We are united in our vulnerability and our courageous attempts to think and live differently as the fragility of the economy reveals itself to us.

There is a deep desire among us to find freedom and imagination in this moment. Much of the work, of course, is in cultivating the resources within to help weather the storm. As we at Dumbo Feather navigate the turbulence and uncertainty of this time, and strive for moments of clarity, peace and a re-imagining of what’s possible, we are committing to sharing ideas that are helping us find refuge. We will keep adding to this list as inspiration strikes and new resources come our way.