Free Miniseries!!! Conscious Manifestation 2020 with Eckhart Tolle

How to create in changing times

Have you ever thought that manifestation techniques just don’t work? Or, at best, that they work inconsistently? Maybe you’ve had times when you were able to create what you wanted, but other times when things didn’t fall into place?

Why does manifestation work in some instances, but not in others? This is a very common question many people ask.

Today, we are releasing an all-new miniseries where Eckhart discusses the answers to these questions and explains how we approach conscious manifestation during this time of disruption and accelerated change.

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→ Free Conscious Manifestation 2020 Miniseries: How to Create in Changing Times

11 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During Shelter-At-Home ~ Lauren Krouse (

As countries around the globe attempt to “flatten the curve” of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many of us are hunkering down in accordance with shelter-at-home orders. While losing weight is certainly still doable during this time, a smart goal to focus on instead is maintaining your current weight.

“It’s normal to feel high stress and anxiety in the face of so many uncertainties, and you might even feel tempted to go into survival mode and toss your healthy food and lifestyle choices out the window,” says Dr. Richa Mittal, a weight-loss specialist based in Frisco, Texas.

The good news: It’s possible to combat stress-eating and couch-sitting to maintain your weight and come out of this experience even stronger — you just need the right strategy.

An RD-Approved Approach to Eating For Fullness and Satisfaction (

You’ve probably experienced it — the feeling after a meal when you’re pleasantly full but also mentally satisfied. You’re not thinking about food any longer, since what you consumed appealed to your taste buds and you took the time to slow down and thoroughly enjoy your meal. It’s distinct from just feeling full and perhaps still wondering if there is something else that would help you feel satisfied.
Many of us often eat just for fullness rather than fullness and satisfaction. Yet, both are important for a regular, consistent eating pattern and establishing a healthy relationship with food. While fullness encompasses more of the physical aftermath of eating, satisfaction involves the mental reflection and pleasure.

What are the Best Materials for a DIY Face Mask (

A few weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged people to wear sanitary protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This protective gear included gloves, hand sanitizer, and most importantly, face masks. Upon reception of this global message, millions of people began ordering these masks online or rushing to local retailers to buy face masks in bulk. Needles to say, stock outs were inevitable. So the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to come up with a plan B: “How can we [health officials] ensure that every American has access to protective facial gear?” With low face mask supplies and high demand, manufacturers and producers were struggling to keep up, they couldn’t be relied on to meet the existing demand. Therefore, the FDA only had one available solution: improvisation. This quickly translated to DIY face masks. 

Beyond overwhelm into refuge (

A care package for finding sanctuary in turbulent times

Less than two months ago, when so many of us were feeling alarm around the bushfires and wider climate emergency, we shared a resource for turning that alarm into much-needed action. Now we are in the midst of another emergency that is forcing us into varying states of economic distress, isolation and anxiety. We are united in our vulnerability and our courageous attempts to think and live differently as the fragility of the economy reveals itself to us.

There is a deep desire among us to find freedom and imagination in this moment. Much of the work, of course, is in cultivating the resources within to help weather the storm. As we at Dumbo Feather navigate the turbulence and uncertainty of this time, and strive for moments of clarity, peace and a re-imagining of what’s possible, we are committing to sharing ideas that are helping us find refuge. We will keep adding to this list as inspiration strikes and new resources come our way.