My Zen Practice: Qigong [Part 1]

Diary of a Heterodox Buddhist


In romanized Chinese it’s spelled as “qi”. Some people would spell it as “chi”. In Japan and Korea, it’s known as “ki”.

So What is Qi?

In its base definition, it means breath or gas. Basically you breathe in qi and you also breathe it out.

Of course in Chinese culture there is a lot more to this. Qi can also refer to attitude. Shengqi, for example, means angry. Qiduan means disappointed. Qiqu means moral character.

But another connotation of qi is vital energy. This is a connotation widely discussed within both Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. In Chinese medicine, qi is a form of breath-based energy that flows through certain meridians in our bodies. Many of our diseases come from blockages in certain areas and even the types of food we eat. Therefore acupuncture, massage, and cupping are some of the ways used to remove those blockages.


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