My Zen Practice: Martial Arts [Pt. 1]

Diary of a Heterodox Buddhist


I do have heavier things to write about, but since they’re heavy they’ll take a while for me to write about them.

So while I am figuring how to write my heavy topics, why not start with a light one.

Starting today until whenever I want to start writing about how I practice Zen Buddhism.

Before I start, I have to state (even reiterate) what my Zen practice entails. My Zen practice has been heavily influenced by Master Wong Kiew Kit’s book, The Complete Book of Zen. In his book, he states that a complete Zen practice not only focuses on meditation but also includes qigong, martial arts, and scripture reading/liturgy practice. After all, Zen did come from the Shaolin temple which is also famous for its kung-fu. Back in ancient China, qigong practice was also integral part of kung-fu practice.

Today I want to talk about my martial…

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Call to Prayer (

“Prayer can be anything your heart yearns for.” As crowded spaces have become empty and many of us around the world are staying away from loved ones for mutual health and safety concerns, the one thing we can all do is to pray. We can all sit in silence and send out smiles and positive thoughts. Allow Nimo Patel’s moving music and the accompanying inspirational visuals by Ellie Walton to inspire your own prayerful thoughts and yearnings for our hurting world.