Recitations and Prayers ~ Karma Sherab

Buddhist prayer flags

During these trying times, I feel it is of the utmost importance to remember our faith. It becomes far easier to forgo our daily tasks and rituals as we hunker down and complacency sets in. Here’s how I start my day…

My recitations…

The 8 fold path

Right understanding

Right thought

Right speech

Right action

Right livelihood

Right effort

Right mindfulness

Right concentration

The 4 noble truths

Life is suffering

There is a cause for that suffering

The cessation of suffering is attainable

There is a path to that cessation

Refuge vows

I take refuge in the Buddha

I take refuge in the Dharma

I take refuge in the Sangha

Bodhisattva vow (delivered by the Dalai Lama)

“For as long as space endures

and as long as living beings remain

until then may I too abide to

dispel the misery of the world”

Pay homage

Namo Shakyamuni buddha

Namo Shakyamuni buddha

Namo Shakyamuni buddha

Asking for Blessings

Lord Buddha please grant your blessings…

This is how I begin my day and I believe it is so important during the current battles being waged that we adhere to our faith and keep our eyes on the prize. That all sentient being be relieved from suffering. Of course this is not just limited to Buddhism. It is important to maintain your faith regardless of your path.

As my adopted father once said to me, “Though our paths may be different, the end result is all the same”. ~ Spotted Turtle, Grandfather of the Abenaki Nation.

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