Some major changes coming…

Good morning fellow Soldiers,

As you may have noticed the site’s name has changed as will the content. Should some of you decide to “Un-follow” it is understood and no judgement here. I just felt that DSJ was at stuck point as was I. So with that said, is born.

As the header reads it’ll be for everything, “From Alpha to Altruism and Zulu to Zen”. Being a practicing Buddhist and a former Soldier (no such thing as FORMER) of the U.S. Army, I feel this is a natural transition for DSJ in these most trying of times.

DSJ will continue to make it’s mark on FB and Twitter. Those accounts are live and active. So please keep following those accounts and if you would, keep following BodhiSoldier as well. Again if you choose not to, no judgement and thanks for all your support thus far and into the future.

Kevin “Doc” Burgess (Karma Sherab)

BodhiSoldier’s Logo (Illustration of a shield icon with a dharma wheel)